Are you majoring in accounting or thinking about majoring?
What courses do you need to take to finish with an accounting major?
What are your options upon graduating with an accounting major?

The following is a list of required courses for the accounting major at the Asper School of Business:


Core Courses

  • ACC 1100 – Introductory Financial Accounting
    Examination of accounting postulates underlying the preparation and presentation of financial statements.
  • ACC 1110 – Introductory Managerial Accounting
    Role of accounting in creation and application of business information used by decisionmakers in the management of enterprise. Prerequisite: ACC 1100 (D). Prerequisite or Concurrent Requirement: ECON 1010 (D) and ECON 1020 (D).

Required Courses for the Accounting Major

  • ACC 2010 – Intermediate Accounting – Assets
    Accounting policies and practices dealing with calculation and measurement of assets and related reporting problems. Prerequisite: ACC 1100 (C+).
  • ACC 2020 – Intermediate Accounting – Equities
    Consideration of current accounting relating to equities with attention to the accounting treatment of current and long-term liabilities, income tax allocation, share capital, and surplus. Students may not hold credit for both ACC 2020 and FIN 3250. Prerequisite: ACC 2010 (C).
  • ACC 3040 – Cost Accounting
    Study of accounting concepts and functions as they relate to product costing, planning, control, and decisionmaking. Prerequisite: ACC 1110 (C+).
  • ACC 4030 – Accounting Theory
    Examination of principles and postulates of accounting theory. Coverage of selected topics will vary from year to year depending on interests of course participants. Prerequisites: ACC 2010 (D) and FIN 2200 (D). Prerequisite or Concurrent Requirement: ACC 2020 (D).

***Recent Update*** August 5, 2021

Student entering CPA PEP program starting September 1, 2023, will be required to take MIS 3010 – Business Data Analytics as a CPA PREP requirement. 

Please see the Transfer Credit Guide below or visit the link for more information on the core courses, and requirements to enter the CPA PEP Program.