BASC Wine and Cheese and Gala Dinner Tickets

unnamed Last chance to buy your BASC Wine and Cheese and Gala Dinner Tickets on Monday, January 23rd at the fishbowl!

These networking events are great opportunities to meet and talk to accounting professionals and business students from different business schools across North America.
Wine and Cheese
Where: Fairmont Hotel
When: January 27th, 6:00pm
Gala Dinner
Where: Fairmont Hotel
When: January 28th, 5:30pm

CACEE Campout

ASBAA will be hosting a CACEE Campout on Friday, September 30th, from 7pm to midnight at 539 Drake.

It will be a chance for students to work on the CACEE forms together with ASBAA members and other people who are going through recruitment!

Pizza will be served at 9pm and we are encouraging everyone to bring movies if they want.

We hope to see you there!

2016 Annual CPA Recruiting Evening

The CPA Recruiting Evening is the premier event for students aspiring to become Chartered Professional Accountants. This event will give students a chance to meet and network with representatives from the top CPA training offices and industry professionals in Winnipeg. It will give students the opportunity to learn about what each firm has to offer, and to get valuable face-to-face time before they submit their CACEE forms.

Date:                Thursday, September 29, 2016

Location:           RBC Convention Centre

375 York Avenue

Time:                Meet & Greet           4:30 – 7:00

Wine & Cheese        7:00 – 9:30

Ticket Price:         $15 for ASBAA members;

$35 for non-ASBAA members

Dress Code:      Business Formal

Tickets will be on sale at the ASBAA booth in the fishbowl from Monday to Thursday until the day of the event.  Tickets will also be on sale at the CDC.

Please contact Fatima Dalmacio, Corporate Events Coordinator, by email at for more information.

2016-17 President and Vice-President of ASBAA

We are actively seeking enthusiastic, motivated and hard-working individuals to fill the positions of 2016 – 2017 President and Vice-President of ASBAA. If you’re looking to get involved at Asper, or for leadership experience and the opportunity to meet a ton of great people, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Ideally, all candidates should be available for both Fall 2015, and Winter 2016 terms.

Please email us directly at by March 11th if you want to run for President or Vice-President. You can address your email to the current President and VP, Kelsey DeGraeve and Kaitlyn Cook. Please attach a short bio, and an explanation as to why you want the position by this date as well. Should there be multiple candidates for each position we will be sending out this information to ASBAA members before a vote will take place.

If you want to talk further about each position, please send an email to the same address as above. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

We will be giving our ASBAA members the opportunity to vote for each position during our last ASBAA council meeting, tentatively set for March 14th. All candidates will make a speech to the members at this meeting explaining why they are right for the job and what they hope to accomplish during the year!

During my year as President I was able to work alongside an amazing group of students who were also on the ASBAA council with me. It was a great experience and I learned so much about myself, as well as working with others. ASBAA puts on so many great events, and as President you will have a role in each and every one of them. I was lucky enough to work with a group of hard-working individuals who made my job really easy. Once elected, the President and Vice-President will begin to interview and select their own amazing council to work with over the year.

The Vice-President of ASBAA works closely with the President throughout the year, but they will be spending most of their time planning the BASC Competition & Conference. As VP, you will be in charge of the BASC team and are responsible for putting on the biggest and best ASBAA event. This past January we saw the entire event revamped, and BASC was a big success because of the hard work the committee put into the weekend. If you’re a team player and are looking to gain experience in event planning, the VP position is for you!

The President does most of their planning during all of August and September. October, November and December are a bit slower aside from a member meeting and helping the Toronto Trip Coordinator and the BASC team where need be. It starts to pick up in January and gets busy during the weeks leading up to BASC. Even though you aren’t responsible for planning BASC, the President will jump in and help out wherever is needed. Once BASC is over, it slows down a bit again and there are only a few minor events to plan such as member meetings and recruitment of the next council.

The VP is busy during September because overall this is a really busy month for all ASBAA council members. We have Buddy Day, our first member meeting and the CPA Wine and Cheese all in September and the VP will help out wherever needed during this time. During October, November and December, the VP will spend time planning all aspects of BASC and when January hits its crunch time for BASC. Once the BASC Competition & Conference is over at the beginning of February, it is smooth sailing with only a few minor items to work on.

Both Kaitlyn (VP) and myself, Kelsey (President), had an amazing time leading ASBAA this past year! It was a great way to get involved with Asper and we strongly encourage you to consider getting involved too!

We look forward to hearing from you!!


BASC Gala Dinner and Wine and Cheese Tickets Announced!!!

Are you interested in networking with some of the top accounting firms in Winnipeg?

Are you considering participating in the Business and Accounting Student Case Competition and Conference (BASC) next year?

ASBAA would like to invite you to the BASC Gala Dinner and Wine & Cheese. Attending these events gives students the opportunity to network and sample the BASC conference. Information about the events are as follows:

BASC Wine and Cheese
Friday January 29, 6-9pm at the Fairmont Hotel in the Wellington Room

BASC Gala Dinner
Saturday January 30 5:30-9:00pm at the Fairmont Hotel in the East/Midway Ballroom

Tickets will be on sale in the FISHBOWL from JANUARY 18-23rd 2016.

*** We are offering a very SPECIAL DEAL for the FIRST 15 students that buy tickets to either of these events. ***

A price chart for the tickets is as follows:
Tickets:                     First 15         Remaining Tickets
Wine and Cheese     $17.00                 $20.00
Gala Dinner               $22.00                $30.00
Both                           $32.00                $45.00