2016-2017 ASBAA Team


Jonathan Juniper

My name is Jonathan Juniper, the president of the Asper School of Business Accounting Association (ASBAA). I am currently in my fourth year majoring in accounting, and plan on pursuing the CPA designation. After a few networking events last year, I realized how important making business connections is for students. I knew I wanted to be heavily involved with organizing these events so I can help students enjoy some of the positive experiences I had. Joining student action groups is the best way to meet your current and future leaders. I encourage all of Asper students to get involved throughout the year to make their time a great experience!

Email: jonjj77@gmail.com


Anna Rudman

Hey everyone! My name is Anna and I am very excited to be this year’s Vice President of ASBAA. I am entering my last year of Asper, majoring in Accounting and International Business, and plan to pursue a CPA designation upon graduation.

I became a member of ASBAA last year, and very quickly found out that it has a lot to offer professionally and socially. I have been fortunate enough to participate in great events like the Wine and Cheese, and BASC case competition, and decided to take the next step by organizing this year’s BASC event. We look forward to a great competition with diverse talent from all over the country, and many opportunities to create connections between students and employers. A membership in ASBAA can potentially be your opportunity to find a great career. I look forward to helping make this year better than ever!

Email: anna_rudman@hotmail.com



Karl Johnson

Hi my name is Karl Johnson and this year I will be the Director of Finance. I am part of the Joint Degree Program between the Asper School of Business and Red River College. This is my second year at Asper working towards my BCOMM with majors in Accounting and Supply Chain Management. The part of accounting that is intriguing is how the basics of financial reporting that can improve an entity’s success in their economic pursuits. Being involved in ASBAA is an awesome opportunity to network with like-minded individuals in the education and business communities. I hope that everyone has a successful year in all of their pursuits.

Email: focustowin315@gmail.com


Jessa Gonzales


Jason Slipec

Hi, my name is Jessa Gonzales and I am the Director of Marketing this year. I am entering my fourth year in Asper, and will be majoring in Accounting. Upon graduation, I plan to earn my CPA designation. I chose accounting as my major because I like working with numbers and because I find satisfaction in problem-solving. I decided to join ASBAA because I think it’s a great way to get more involved with the networking events and activities that they have to offer as well as meet new people.

Email: jessanmgonzales@gmail.com

My name is Jason Slipec and I am the Executive Assistant for ASBAA this year. I am in my final year in Asper and a Co-op student majoring in accounting. I plan to earn my CPA designation upon graduation. A career in accounting is highly appealing to me due to the diverse and unique nature of the job. I’ve had an amazing experience with ASBAA thus far, being involved as the Social Media Manager last year, attending the 10th Annual Toronto Trip and participating in the 14th Annual GAAPS Case Competition. As Executive Assistant this year, my main role is to utilize my prior ASBAA experience and assist the rest of the ASBAA Executive with all our events and initiatives throughout the year. This year, I am looking forward to taking an active role in planning and executing all of ASBAA’s great networking and professional development events held throughout the year!

Email: slipecj@gmail.com


Fatima Dalmacio

Hi everyone, my name is Fatima, I am majoring in Accounting and International Business. The reason I chose accounting is because of the variety of opportunities that it offers. In addition, I enjoy problem solving; which is a major part of your responsibilities as an accountant. I am this year’s Corporate Event Coordinator, which means that my main responsibility is organizing the Annual CPA Recruitment Evening in September. I encourage everyone to come down the Annual CPA Recruitment Evening, to meet their future employer!

Email: mariafatimadalmacio@gmail.com


Masroor Khan



Gaurvdeep Singh Bawa (Gary)

Hi everyone, my name is Masroor Khan and I will be ASBAA’s 2016-2017 Corporate Event Co-Chair. I am in my final year pursuing an accounting and finance major. I am already excited to make my path towards a CPA designation after graduation. I have developed an eternal love for accounting after successfully completing 3 Co-op work terms and getting professional experience.

I joined ASBAA simply because it is one of the best platforms to connect with accounting enthusiasts, professionals and employers. In addition, ASBAA offers unique networking events throughout the year which helps numerous students to meet their potential future employer well in advance. I am looking forward to work with the 2016-2017 ASBAA team in making this year unprecedentedly exciting and extraordinary for all students who are looking out for opportunities in the field of accounting

Email: masroor.a.khann@gmail.com

Hi, my name is Celine Ramirez and I am the Social Media Manager this year for ASBAA. I am entering my fourth year in Asper and I plan to earn my CPA designation upon graduation. I chose to major in accounting because I enjoy working with numbers and problem-solving. Also, I think that an accounting major will give me the opportunity to learn and work with different industries. I decided to join ASBAA because it is a great way to be involved with the activities in campus, network with accounting professionals and accounting students, and develop my leadership and interpersonal skills. I look forward to meeting you all this year!

Email: celine.ramirez95@gmail.com

My name is Gary Bawa and I am a promotions associate this year for ASBAA. I am in my third year, majoring in Accounting and Management Information Systems. In my position this year, I will focus on the key areas in promotions to enhance the general interest of students in our events. My work this year will revolve around the promotion of all of ASBAA’s events and initiatives. Also, I will take charge of visiting classes personally to make announcements about our upcoming events. My ultimate goal is to ensure that our promotions team gives its best in supporting and complementing the hard work of the entire ASBAA team.

Email: bawag@myumanitoba.ca



Janaya Layte

Hello, my name is Janaya Layte. I am entering my final year in Asper, majoring in accounting. Upon graduation, I plan to pursue my CPA designation. I have always been interested in accounting because I like working with numbers and problem solving.  Currently, I hold the position of a promotions associate for this upcoming year. I am thrilled to be on the council. This position will entail me to increase awareness about ASBAA’s events and accomplishments. I am really looking forward to this upcoming year on the ASBAA council to meet new people.

Email: janayalayte@gmail.com


Keilyn Nguyen

Hi everyone, my name is Keilyn and this is my third year at the Asper School of Business majoring in Accounting and Supply Chain Management.  Upon my graduation, I plan to work towards my CPA designation so I can further pursue career in accounting.

I am excited to be a promotion associate of ASBAA for the 2016-2017 school year!  ASBAA is a really great way to meet new people with the same accounting interests and develop your skills in networking. ASBAA offers a lot of events and opportunities, such as the Wine and Cheese even for students to meet with their future employers, and the Case Competition to give students the opportunity to practice real-life problem and learn from others. I am so thrilled to be part of ASBAA this year and promise it would be an awesome year!

Email: keilynnguyen2815@gmail.com


Midrar Anwar

I am Midrar Anwar, and I am this year’s Toronto Trip Coordinator. This trip gives 10 students from Asper the opportunity to network with some of the most prestigious firms in Toronto – Canada’s largest city. I am in my final year at Asper, majoring in Accounting. Upon graduation I am hoping to work toward my CPA designation with a public accounting firm. I want to work in public practice because I enjoy having the opportunity to work with, and learn about, a wide variety of clients across a number of different industries. If you have any questions about the Toronto Trip or anything else, feel free to reach out to me. This year I am looking forward to meeting new people and taking part in the many events that ASBAA has to offer.

Email: anwarmidrar@gmail.com


Tendayi Mawere

Hello, my name is Tendayi Mawere and I’m an international student from Zimbabwe, Africa. I’m in my third year, majoring in Marketing and Accounting. In January, I participated in the Business and Accounting Students Case Competition (BASC), where I expanded my accounting knowledge and in turn decided to join the 2016-17 ASBAA council. I’m really excited to bring something new to the table with BASC this year as your BASC Co-Chair. I hope to see everyone participate at BASC in January 2017, as it is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and meet a lot of amazing people. If you have any BASC or ASBAA related questions, feel free to approach me anytime!

Email: tendayi77@gmail.com



Jenny Peng

Hi, my name is Jenny Peng and I am the Logistics Coordinators for BASC. I am a 3rd year Co-op student majoring in accounting and management information systems, and I plan to earn my CPA designation upon graduation. ASBAA offers you the best opportunities to meet accounting professionals, fellow accounting students and learn more about the career opportunities in accounting. Every year  students benefit greatly from their participation in the BASC competition, which takes place in January. I am very excited to be planning a fun, memorable and rewarding BASC for you. I look forward to meeting you all at ASBAA’s great networking events this fall.

Email: jennypeng0621@gmail.com



Matt Yahiro


 KyraKyra Edel

Hi, my name is Mat Yahiro and I am the Corporate Relations Coordinator for this year’s ASBAA. Currently I am pursuing my Bachelor of Commerce degree a dual major in Finance and Accounting. I believe that both a strong work ethic and exceptional time management and communication skills have led to my present success. I have decided to take part in the 2016-2017 ASBAA as making connections is something I feel is important. I will enjoy making new friends and most importantly, contributing to a group of enthusiastic like minded individuals who share the same passions, inspirations and goals. Here’s to a great year of fun and knowledge, cheers.

Email: mattyahiro@gmail.com

Hey, I am Kyra and this is my fourth year at the Asper School of Business. This will be my second year on the ASBAA council, taking the position of Events Assistant for the year. I look forward to putting on many great events with the team, and having opportunities to make professional, and personal connections with those who share the same interests as I do. I chose to major in accounting because I enjoy working with numbers and problem solving, and I felt that accounting brought together both of these interests. In addition to my own interests, I was intrigued by the many opportunities that an accounting degree has for a student. I can’t wait to have another exciting year with ASBAA!

Email: kyraedel@gmail.com

All of us on the ASBAA team will be working hard to ensure each ASBAA member has a spectacular year!