2018-2019 ASBAA Team


Josef Quintana

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Hello everyone, I’m Josef Quintana and I will be serving you as the President of ASBAA for the 2018-2019 school year. Outside of accounting, I like to spend my time outdoors or catching up on sleep. If there’s one thing I want all of you take away from the ASBAA website is that, whenever you join , whatever point you are in Asper (accounting major or not), there is always an event for you to attend. Stay tuned for updates with our three big events


1) Toronto Trip 

2) CPA Wine and Cheese

3) Business and Accounting Case Competition(BASC)


  Vice President

Shelby Colbert

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Why I Joined: I am an outgoing and confident individual who enjoys meeting new people and learning from others. In Joining ASBAA this year I hope to increase my knowledge about the accounting profession, as well as increase my professional network. I believe I have an optimistic and modern attitude towards business and the business environment. I plan to use my creativity to work with Josef to make ASBAA not only a successful and efficient Student Group, but also a group that members can be proud of. I hope to walk away from the 2018-2019 year having gained new learning experiences and a strong skillset from my fellow council members.


Director of Finance

Manas Anand

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Hello, my name is John Deitz and I will be the Director of Finance for this year’s ASBAA council. I am entering my final year of a Bachelor of commerce degree at the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business. I am an accounting major taking my CPA prerequisites and I also went through the Co-op program at Asper. I enjoy the problem solving aspect of working in accounting, and I plan to pursue my CPA designation upon graduating.

I am excited to be a part of the ASBAA council so I can make sure the ASBAA events are a success for accounting students and others alike. It’s also a great opportunity to network within the accounting Community.


Director of Marketing

Brandon Landgraff

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Hello everyone, my name is Brandon Landgraff and I am ASBAA’s Marketing Director for this year’s council. I am in my second year of studies at Asper School of Business. Over the course of my time at university I will be striving to achieve a degree in marketing. I am a young marketing enthusiast with an entrepreneurial spirit and my mission is to use marketing as a tool to spread the story of ASBAA. I am dedicated towards creating an awareness for ASBAA and developing a community for future accountants. I am thrilled to be ASBAA’s Marketing Director. I aspire to not only introduce new students to the field of accounting but help accounting students build their careers. I cannot wait to meet all of you and feel free to approach me at any time!


Executive Assistant

Fajr Awan

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Hi there! You can pronounce my name however you wish but make sure to ask me about it when you meet me! I’m currently a second year student at Asper and like many accounting students, I hope to become a CPA when I graduate. When I’m not studying or fulfilling my role in ASBAA, you can find me volunteering, working out at the gym, or trying out different ethnic food all over Winnipeg. Cheers!


Executive Assistant

Alicia Looker

Hi there, my name is Alicia Looker and I am an ASBAA Executive Assistant for the 2018-2019 year. As a third year Accounting and Finance major some key qualities that I have acquired include procrastinating and consuming a lot coffee. I joined the ASBAA Executive Team this year to use my experiences to help ensure that Asper students of all majors have enough resources and opportunities to guarantee success in their degree.


External Corporate Relations Coordinator

Kyra Edel

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Hi everyone, my name is Kyra and I am this years External Promotions Coordinator! I am currently entering my last semesters at Asper while majoring in accounting, and upon graduation, I plan to work towards a CPA designation to further my career in accounting. I have been a part of the ASBAA council for the last few years, which has allowed me to attend many great events, and make great connections both professionally, and personally. Being involved in ASBAA has made my experience at Asper even better, and I encourage all Asper students to get involved throughout the year. I look forward to helping make this year another exciting year with ASBAA.


Corporate Events Coordinator

Alona Plis

Hi everyone, my name is Alona Plis and this is going to be my last year in Asper. I am majoring in accounting and planning to pursue a CPA designation in the future. I enjoy challenges, problem solving and numbers, so accounting is the perfect fit for me.

This is my second year as part of the Asper School of Business Accounting Association.  My role will be the Corporate Event Coordinator for 2018-2019. My responsibilities are to plan the Annual CPA recruitment event, and help students connect with potential employers. I joined ASBAA because I like to be involved, meet new people, and connect with students. It’s a great opportunity for Asper students so don’t miss out and get tickets to this year’s ASAP!!

Fun facts: I love hot wings, Wine and sleeping-in on Sundays (although with having a toddler it doesn’t happen often).

Email: alona2309@hotmail.ca

Corporate Events Coordinator

Tendayi Mawere

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Hello! My name is Tendayi Mawere and I’m an international student from Zimbabwe, Africa. I’m in my fourth year, majoring in Marketing and Accounting. I have been attending the CPA Wine & Cheese for the past 3 years and I am excited to bring something new to the table as this year’s Corporate Events Coordinator. The CPA Wine & Cheese gives students the opportunity to learn about what each firm has to offer, and to get valuable face-to-face time before you submit your CACEE forms. Thus, I hope to see everyone participate at The Wine & Cheese in January 2018, as it is a great opportunity to meet and network with representatives from the top CPA training offices and industry professionals in Winnipeg. If you have any CPA Wine & Cheese or ASBAA related questions, feel free to approach me anytime!



BASC Co-Chair

Jayden Joseph


Hi, my name is Jayden Joseph and I am ASBAA’s 2018-2019 BASC Co-Chair. I am in my forth and final year in Asper with a double major in Human Resources and Leadership. As I am majoring in HR and Leadership I fell I bring a different perspective and way of thinking to the group. Joining ASBAA is a way for me to become a more well-rounded business woman as I intend to have an understanding of all the different areas to run a business.

I am very excited to be a part of ASBAA for my second year and look forward to an amazing BASC this upcoming year! I am eager to see what this year brings for this team!


BASC Logistics Coordinator

Jessica Van Ginkel

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Hi everyone, my name is Jessica van Ginkel and I am a BASC Logistics Coordinator for the Asper School of Business Accounting Association. I am currently in my fourth yearmajoring in Accounting and Finance. I also plan on pursuing my CPA designation after graduation.

I am excited for the opportunity to help plan this year’s BASC case competition. I had a very positive experience when I was a competitor for BASC 2018 and so I am eager to contribute to this event for 2019. I am excited to work with this year’s ASBAA team and look forward to all our events this year! 


BASC Logistics Coordinator

Anna Mckay

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Hello everyone! My name is Anna MacKay and I am one of this years BASC Logistic Coordinator Co-Chair’s! I am in my fourth year at Asper, majoring in Accounting and hoping to pursue my CPA designation once graduated. As I am entering the last two years of my degree, I realized the importance of making my university experience a memorable one by getting involved in ASBAA and creating lasting friendships with fellow students! I hope to help make BASC a great way for everyone to connect with one another and deepen their interest in accounting as a major!


Events Assistant

Aderonke Akinloye

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Hello, my name is Ronke Akinloye and I am the Events Assistant at Asper School of Business Accounting Association (ASBAA). I am currently in my third year moving into my fourth year, majoring in Accounting and Entrepreneurship.  I plan to work towards my CPA designation to further my career in Accounting upon graduation. Been a part of ASBAA has exposed me to opportunities available in the accounting field and after membership in my second year, joining council was an effortless decision.

Last year, as the Promotions Associate I got exposed to numerous networking opportunities and events which really helped improve my confidence and connections professionally. My goal this year as the Events Assistant is to work with other team members, ensuring fellow students are enlightened and able to be partake in the opportunities ASBAA offers. I love getting involved and being a core part of organizing the events is a big part of the year I am excited about. I look forward to meeting you all this year!


Events Assistant

Joanne Yang

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Hi everyone, my name is Joanne and I am the event assistant this year! I am a third year Accounting student planning to pursue a CPA designation. I am part of the co-op program and also took active roles in many student organizations. My role at ASBAA this year will be to assist other executives to schedule events in detail, reach out to sponsors and support the event budget planning.

As a foreign student, I understand how hard it is at beginning to fit in especially when you are learning in a different language. Please don’t hesitate to email me for any of your concerns and I would also love to meet you at Asper!


Social Media Manager

Cora Hildebrandt

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Hello everyone, my name is Cora and I am this years Social Media Manager for the Asper School of Business Accounting Association. I am currently in my third year at Asper majoring in accounting and pursuing my CPA after graduation.

I am also the Events Ticketing Manager this year for the Commerce Students Association and I work in the Drake computer lab part time. I am looking forward to throwing my creative twist into our platforms this year and am very excited to see what this year will bring our team. If you ever see me at school don’t be afraid to stop and say hi, I would love to chat!