Welcome to ASBAA 2021/2022!! We are searching for passionate and hard working council members to join our team. We have a wide variety of roles that can help to broaden your horizons and skill set!!

[Applications closed. We will be starting the interview process in the upcoming week!!]


Matthew Wong

Vice President

Lindsey Hopkins

Recruiting Executive Council Positions:

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance will be depended on to set and maintain the budget for ASBAA. The role requires taking initiative in monitoring cash inflows and outflows to ensure that ASBAA initiatives for events are viable and ensure financial stability.

Director of Marketing

The Marketing Manager develops and maintains a marketing strategy for ASBAA. This includes managing the website, designing promotional material, and creating newsletters.

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant assists with both internal affairs and member management and provides general support where needed. The role requires year-round attention but is not labor-intensive. The Executive Assistant plays a key role in helping Executives communicate and remain organized.

Toronto Trip Coordinator

The Toronto Trip Coordinator oversees and organizes the Toronto Trip, will work along the President and VP to coordinate funding and planning fo literary and other accommodation needs. Work to coordinate events with firms and businesses in Toronto to ensure a great experience for attending members.

Director of Corporate Relations

The Director of Corporate Relations acts as the key contact for corporate sponsorship information for ASBAA. The role will entail an understanding of the selling points ASBAA events to corporate sponsors and act as the liaison between the ASBAA and the CSA Managers of Corporate Relations (MCR).

CPA Wine & Cheese Coordinator

The CPA Wine and Cheese Coordinators work throughout the summer to organize the CPA Wine and Cheese, which will take place in September. The role involves logistical planning as well as communication between the Career Development Centre and CPA Manitoba.

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Coordinator manages all ASBAA social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. The Coordinator is responsible for promoting events year-round, engaging with followers, managing followers on all platforms, and answering queries.

Internal Case Competition Coordinator

The Internal Case Competition Coordinator will work with the VP to coordinate the details and process that the case competition will take on including, venue, case, tutorials, and other accommodations as needed. Working with the Director of Finance and Marketing to ensure a smooth and thought out event with appealing to members and students.

Business and Accounting Student Case Competition (BASC) Coordinator

The BASC Coordinator assists with the VP on all aspects relating to BASC, including the coordination of judges and event speakers. Working with other external vendors to plan and organize the accommodations and transportation needed, also ensuring a strong memorable event. Marketing towards other members to incentivize attendance.