2019 Elections – PLEASE VOTE

Hello everyone,

We thank you for your participation and support this past 2018-2019 school year. Everyone from the ASBAA Executive Council is excited to introduce the association’s first ever elections.

We will officially introduce the new President and Vice President of ASBAA in our last member meeting on Wednesday, March 20th.


Candidate for President:

Bradley Reichardt

My name is Bradley Reichardt, and I am currently in the third year of my accounting major, and in my second year with ASBAA. 

If chosen by my peers to represent ASBAA as President, my first priority will be to provide members with the best opportunities to earn a job in the accounting industry. As outgoing member of the CSA Manager of Corporate Relations, two terms of professional experience work at Grant Thornton LLP, and involvement in multiple CSA events, I have built a strong network in the Winnipeg business community and will leverage my relationships to invite relevant professionals to ASBAA events and member meetings. I will work provide members new opportunities to prepare for CPA Recruitment in the fall, and provide formal feedback forms to after each meeting so that members get the most out of their ASBAA experience.

I believe that my corporate connections, professional work experience, approachability, and ability to stay focused and motivated make me an ideal candidate to represent ASBAA as President for 2018-2019. On Wednesday, March 13th and 14th, vote Brad for President.

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Candidate for President:

Daniel Schink

Enrich. Expand. Empower. Fortunately these are more than just points in my campaign but more-so values that all of us as business students should strive for.

My name is Daniel and I am currently in my 3rd year, pursuing a double major in Accounting and Finance. I have overseen multiple teams throughout my time at Asper. Currently overseeing two CSA committees with 14 individuals in total I believe I have the experience and ability to guide ASBAA to new limits for the 2019/2020 school year.

However, I believe that the most important trait when it comes to presidency or any role for that matter is PASSION. I believe that combined with my people skills, proven leadership potential, network, and passion for positive change I am a qualified candidate as your next ASBAA President.

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Candidate for Vice President:

Fajr Awan 

Hello, ASBAA members!

My name is Fajr (pronounced ‘fudge-er’) and I am a second year student majoring in Accounting and eventually MIS. My favorite band is Twenty One Pilots and my favorite food is Korean food! This past year I was the Executive Assistant and the Toronto Trip Coordinator on the ASBAA Executive Council, and I am also the Manager of Internal Relations on the UMMSA. I am running to be ASBAA’s Vice President next year because I have a vision for an association that represents my favorite subject and the people who share the same interest. My platform includes 5 areas (Memberships, Academics and the CPA Designation, Case Competitions, Conferences, and ASBAA’s Legacy) and I’d love it if you checked it out on Instagram: @fajr.awan!

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Candidate for Vice President:

Alicia Looker 

As an Accounting & International Business major going into my fourth year at Asper, I have realized the importance of having a variety of experiences and opportunities available and how they can benefit and create success for students.

As Vice President of the Asper School of Business Accounting Association I will be working to provide practical and interactive workshops on budgeting, recruitment and student life with local business professionals to provide valuable learning and growth opportunities to all students.

Additionally, to contribute to the success of students pursuing the Accounting major, I am committed to creating tutoring and exam review sessions for ALL Accounting courses.
As VP, I, Alicia Looker, will be committed to creating, enhancing, and providing more and new opportunities for students to develop in their field. Be sure to cast your vote on March 13th and 14th!



*Only for ASBAA members*