The trip of a lifetime.

Students must:

1. Be admitted to and registered in the Asper School of Business;

2. Be in good standing with the Asper School of Business, and the University of Manitoba, both academically and professionally;

3. Not have attended the Toronto trip in prior years;

4. Be an accounting major having completed both ACC 1100 and ACC 1110 with a grade of C+ or better, and be currently enrolled, or completed one of the following: ACC 2010, ACC 2020, ACC 3040 or ACC 4030.

5. Have a declared accounting major on aurora.

If you have filled all these requirements, SIGN UP NOW FOR AN OPPORTUNITY TO GO ON THE TORONTO TRIP and visit EY, Grant Thornton, and Luminari!

Submit your completed application to the Toronto Trip Coordinators via e-mail at on Friday, September 14th, 2018