We’re Recruiting! Apply to join the 2015-16 ASBAA Council today!

If you’re looking to improve that resume, take part in some great events and network within the business community, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! ASBAA has many great events we put on throughout the year such as the Wine and Cheese, Annual Toronto Trip and the GAAPS Case Competition. There is plenty of opportunity to get involved throughout the year and make some new connections at the same time!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “What’s the first step to getting involved?”

1)   Read over the list of positions below, and decide on which ones you believe you’d be best suited for and most interested in. (You get to pick your top two choices.)

2)   Meet us in the Fishbowl this Wednesday (April 8th) for Cake Day where we will be doing signups and answering any questions you may have. (Please note the signup sheet will also be available at the same booth on Thursday)


Head over to our public Google Doc:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ah_IMO8QhFrmdHhnakdubVNTdW90eEVtVXJRX2NwcUE&usp=sharing

3)  Input all necessary information into the Google Doc and send a resume and cover letter toasbaaexec@gmail.com by April 12th 2015.

We will send out information regarding interview signups following the sign-up deadline. Interviews will tentatively begin April 21st, 2015 and will continue throughout the exam period depending on the level of interest, but we will touch base with you after the sign-up deadline and then schedule interviews with all those interested. We look forward to meeting all of you and good luck to everyone throughout their final month of this term! If you have any further questions please contact asbaaexec@gmail.com.

Listed below is a summary of the available positions, students must be enrolled and admitted to the Asper School of Business:


 Director of Finance (1 position)

The Director of Finance will be responsible for budgeting and monitoring all of ASBAA’s finances. This will include applying for funding from a range of sources and ensuring that proper controls are in place for the money that is used for all of ASBAA’s events.

Director of Marketing (1 position)

The Director of Marketing will lead a team of three individuals in promoting all of ASBAA’s events, and will play an integral role in the recruitment of teams for the GAAPS conference.


Executive Assistant (1 position)

A highly-personable, organized and enthusiastic person is necessary to fill the role of the Executive Assistant. The Executive assistant will have a hand in almost everything to do with ASBAA. They will gain experience in almost every aspect of each event, and will be crucial to the success of the council.  

Corporate Events Coordinator (1 position)

Will act as a liaison between ASBAA and the corporate community. They will also be responsible for inviting accounting firms to the CPA Recruitment Evening that will be held at the end of September. This position involves constant communication with business representatives, so it is vital that applicants have experience in customer-service, or are highly-personable individuals.

Toronto Trip Coordinator (1 position)

This position will be responsible for planning the infamous ASBAA Annual Toronto Trip. This member of council will be responsible for setting up office visits for participants, organizing all logistical aspects such as booking flights, hotels and transportation. Must be an organized individual who is looking to attend the Toronto Trip.

Toronto Trip Coordinator Requirements:

1)      Must be admitted to and registered in the Asper School of Business.

2)      Must be in good standing with the Asper School of Business and the University, both academically and professionally.

3)      Must not have attended this trip in the past.

4)      Must be majoring in Accounting and have successfully completed ACC 1100 and ACC 1110 with a grade of C+ or better. Must also be currently enrolled, or have completed 1 of the following: ACC 2010, ACC 2020, ACC 3040 & ACC 4030.

Promotions Associate (2 positions)

Will work closely with the Director of Marketing to ensure that all events are being promoted to ASBAA members effectively and all marketing goals are being met. It is necessary that this candidate have strong public-speaking skills because promoting events through short classroom talks is required in this position.

Social Media Manager (1 position) 

Responsible for monitoring and utilizing all social media outlets to promote ASBAA events. The Social Media Manager will also be in charge of keeping the ASBAA website up to date. Must have solid communication skills and a familiarity with marketing and social media.

GAAPS Conference Team – Lead by VP

What is GAAPS?

The Gathering of Accounting Associates, Professionals, and Students (otherwise known as GAAPS) Conference was established 14 years ago by the Asper School of Business Accounting Association. This event provides an opportunity for students to compete in an accounting-focused case competition. However, the conference also includes interactive sessions where guest speakers discuss relevant accounting topics and issues, as well as a gala dinner featuring a keynote speaker in the accounting field. Members of the GAAPS Conference Team will be led by the Vice-President, and aided by the Marketing Team and Executive Assistant.

Positions needed for this event:

GAAPS Co-Chair (1 position – *New Position*)

A highly-personable, organized and enthusiastic person is necessary to fill this new role of the GAAPS Co-Chair. This position will have a roll in assisting the Vice President in planning the GAAPS Conference.

Corporate Relations Coordinator (1 position)

This position will be responsible for communication with the Director of Corporate Relations and the Managers of Corporate Relations from the Commerce Students’ Association. In addition, the coordinator will communicate directly with the Corporate Sponsors of the GAAPS Conference when necessary and ensure that all information is received from sponsors and all information has been clearly communicated to them. Must be organized, enthusiastic, driven and a team player.

Logistics Coordinator (2 positions)

This position will be responsible for all logistical aspects of the event, such as securing the location of the hotel, organizing the night events, dinner and all transportation throughout the weekend of this event. A high level of organization is necessary for this position.